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Dr. Gary Allenby and Kathy Dodgson, founders and directors of Aurelia Bioscience, are pleased to announce that after 10 years of success as a standalone biology contract research organisation, the company has been acquired by its collaborator- Charnwood Molecular. To facilitate this agreement, Aurelia Bioscience, now a part of the Charnwood Group, has received investment from Synova, one of Europe’s most innovative private equity & growth capital investment firm.

Co-localised in BioCity Nottingham and having complimentary drug discovery capabilities, Aurelia Bioscience and Charnwood Molecular have jointly delivered research projects in the past. This acquisition will allow both companies to formally combine biology and chemistry expertise and offer integrated drug discovery services to clients.

“This new deal will result in an increase in our technological capabilities, expansion of facilities, new opportunities for Aurelia scientists and a growth in our resource base. Being a part of a larger group will help Aurelia Bioscience serve our clients better, whilst maintaining a personal touch that the company strives to provide in every project.”, says Dr. Gary Allenby, CEO and Co-founder, Aurelia Bioscience.

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