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For North American Drug Discovery Organisations

Aurelia Bioscience is a pre-clinical contract research organization offering customised bioassay development, pharmacological profiling and compound screening. We use cutting- edge technologies to effectively and reliably move novel compounds or biologics through the multiple stages of early drug discovery.

We have decades of experience in pre-clinical discovery, designing and developing low, medium and high throughput assays for pharmacological profiling, hits-to-lead, lead identification and lead optimisation. We can help you start developing bioassays for compound progression, to benefit all stages of early drug discovery research. Follow the link to meet our team.

Aurelia Bioscience works with a number of North American drug discovery companies ranging from virtual drug discovery organizations through research institutes to mid-large pharmaceutical companies. Owing to our customised and flexible approach, easy communication and favourable currency exchange rates, our clients in North America find it very easy to work with us.

Are you looking for a CRO to discover your next breakthrough drug?

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