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Phenotypic Screening

We specialise in physiologically relevant assays using cell-based formats in state of the art technologies i.e. phenotypic screening..

We have used a number of human primary cells in a number of assay formats including:

Neutrophil – the measurement of calcium mobilisation from neutrophils following agonist addition in the presence or absence of compounds using FLIPR in 384 well and 1536 well format.

Phenotypic Screening

Screening of Compounds in Human Neutrophil FLIPR antagonist assay in 1536 well plates
Human neutrophils were isolated from the whole blood of donors by density gradient centrifugation, loaded with Fluo-loading dye, dispensed into 1536 well plates incubated in the presence of compounds, and screened with agonist addition on-line. Responses from selection of wells are shown in the image.

Neutrophil FLIPR 1536 well

Neutrophil –the measurement of superoxide burst from cells stimulated with and in the presence of compounds using chemiluminescence substrates.

Neutrophil – the measurement of activation of cells via surface measurement changes and the dissection of G-protein coupled events detected using label-free technology and as a replacement to whole blood CD11b assays.

Eosinophils – activation and inhibition of responses measuring cell surface events using label-free.

Peripheral Blood Mono-nucleocytes (PBMC’s)

We have used the above human primary cells and approaches to screen from 10 to 100,000 compounds per assay for each of a number of targets and projects.

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