Cell Culture Services

With over 50 years of experience we are adept at all aspects of cell culture.

Typical screens have required up to 1010 cells.

We have developed methodologies to grow, sub-culture, harvest, cryopreserve and revive these quantities of cells from single batches, thus reducing screening variability, allowing cells to be used in an identical manner to other assay reagents, reviving and using what is required on a daily basis.

Cell Culture Services

Our experience is extensive

  • Worked with CHO, HEK-293, Hela, SHSY5Y adherent cells in addition to non-adherent cells
  • Sub-cultured cells for colony selection from a single 6 well plate through small flasks up to 10 layer cell factories
  • Harvested and cryopreserved large preparations of cells, as many as 5x1010 in a single batch
  • Plated and grown cells in 96, 384 and 1536 well plates using various liquid handling approaches

We have instructed many inexperienced scientists through the “art” of cell culture. We believe there is no magic, just good laboratory practice and protocols designed to achieve consistent quality.

We have cloned and expressed targets to generate recombinant cell lines for screening purposes. We use our screening experience to develop assays that select the “best” clone for screening based on the consistency of the response over the sub-culture period.

Let us……

  • Develop a cell line for your target and screening application
  • Select the most appropriate clone for screening purposes
  • Manufacture enough cells for your screening needs
  • Screen your target in our labs using your cell line


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