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Our team has extensive experience of developing and screening compounds in biochemical assays. This biochemical screening has been carried out for a range of targets including but not limited to proteases, kinases, phosphodiesterase enzymes and protein:protein interactions.

Our core technology platform enables us to offer fluorescence (Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer [FRET], Fluorescent Intensity [FI], Time-Resolved Fluorescence [TRF], Fluorescence Polarisation [FP]), AlphaScreen based chemiluminescence, luminescence and absorbance read outs to develop the best assay for your target needs.

Throughput is based on 96, 384 or 1536 well format giving the client the option to screen from 10’s to 100’s to 1000’s to millions of compounds. Screening approaches can be replicates of a single concentration for hit identification or multiple concentrations to generate assay response curves for structure activity profiling and compound progression.

We offer flexible services developing new biochemical assays or adapting existing assay to meet your needs e.g. incubation time, kinetic versus endpoint measurements etc.

We can support your project by:

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