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Scientists at Aurelia Bioscience Ltd have decades of experience in drug discovery gained at several blue chip pharmaceutical companies including Hoffmann La Roche, Smith Kline Beecham, Glaxo-Wellcome, AstraZeneca, ICI and UCB.

They have worked in pre-clinical discovery, designing and developing low, medium and high throughput assays for hits-to-lead, lead identification and lead optimisation drug discovery phases in both cellular and non-cellular assay formats. They have experience of a wide range of technologies designed to prosecute these activities in a scalable manner whilst bringing to bear technological developments that have the ability to probe ever further into the molecular interactions from which the drugs of the future may be identified.

Research areas worked in include respiratory disease, inflammatory disease, oncology, CNS-pain, rare disorders and diabetes.

Gary brings together innovative technology from R&D partners with client projects to create synergies and novel readouts, improving assay quality and reducing client project SAR cycle times. At Aurelia Bioscience, he leverages over 30 years of pre-clinical drug discovery experience and a number of scientific papers in leading journals to aid the discovery of new chemical entities.

After gaining his Ph.D. from Edinburgh University in 1990, Gary joined Hoffmann La Roche (USA) to investigate retinoid pharmacology and the role of nuclear hormone receptors in foetal development. He then went on to work in the Lead Generation Section of Glaxo-Simth-Kline (UK) in 1995, gaining expertise in the development of cell-based assays within the CNS disease area for high throughput screening as well as novel drug discovery assay technologies and automation. After leaving GSK, Gary spent over 10 years at AstraZeneca (UK), developing novel cell-culture robotics and evaluating and implementing new assay technologies for respiratory and inflammatory diseases, before founding Aurelia Bioscience.


Kathy has over 20 years of industrial experience gained at Smith-Kline-Beecham and AstraZeneca. Kathy has worked on the development and implementation of new screening approaches including FMAT and recently label-free based screening. Kathy led the implementation of label-free cell-based screening within AstraZeneca.

She is a key opinion leader in the application of label free screening, presenting at global screening conferences and published articles on label-free in peer reviewed journals.


Payash is responsible for leading marketing activities and strengthening business development for Aurelia Bioscience. She represents the company at various conferences, both internationally and in the UK; increasing connections with new prospects and maintaining relations with existing clients. She also enhances and grows the digital presence and brand awareness of the company on various platforms.

Payash has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham, certification in Innovation Management and experience working with other life-science SMEs, which positions her well as the Marketing Manager of Aurelia Bioscience.


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