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Kinases in Drug Discovery

Kinases are key regulators of most cellular pathways. Their association with diseases makes them significant therapeutic intervention points. According to reports…

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GPCR symposium

Aurelia Bioscience exhibited and presented a poster at the ‘7th RSC / SCI Symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry’ …

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Protein-Protein Interactions: Facilitating Biological Processes

Decades of research has resulted in better understanding of the physiological function and molecular properties of proteins. As proteins rarely act alone, a critical step towards unravelling the complex molecular relationships has been examination of protein- protein interactions (PPI)…

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Dysregulation in Autophagy

Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved process essential for survival, differentiation, development, and homeostasis. However, its involvement in several diseases has been established for many years…

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3D Cell Culture: Transforming cell-based screening

Culturing cells has always been an important tool for biological research and drug discovery. Although most studies are based on 2D (two-dimensional) cell cultures, 3D (three-dimensional) cell cultures better mimic in vivo conditions, making them one of the fastest growing experimental approaches in life sciences…

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Hypoxia and its significance in oncology

Hypoxia has been a hot topic of research in recent years. Its strong association with tumour propagation, progression, and particularly resistance to therapy has made it one of the most interesting issues in oncology…

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Cardiomyocytes: Building blocks of heart muscle

There has been a lot of research around cardiac muscle cells, especially human iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells)- derived cardiomyocytes in the last few years. The advent of cellular reprogramming technology has transformed biomedical research as iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes hold great promise for in vitro disease modelling and drug screening… 

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Epigenetics: Untangling the clues

Are you up to speed with all the ground-breaking studies in the world of epigenetics?  Isn’t it fascinating how gene function can be altered by more than just changing the DNA sequence? Although DNA sequence is still considered the basic blueprint for life, epigenetic modifications provide another complex layer of information, thus representing…

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