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Looking ahead: Future trends in drug screening technologies

In recent years, there have been significant advances in technologies and their application to biology that have impacted drug discovery. Excitingly, this rapid rate of innovation shows no sign of slowing down, offering drug discovery researchers vast possibilities when it comes to bioassay development.
Here we highlight some of the upcoming trends in drug screening technologies that could greatly enhance the impact of your research, helping you to build even more sophisticated bioassays and keep you at the forefront of drug discovery.

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New Marketing Manager!

We are delighted to welcome Payash Bahuguna to Aurelia Bioscience as our new Marketing Manager. Payash graduated from the University of Nottingham with an MSc in Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship and has recent experience of leading the marketing activities for...
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SMI Drug Discovery Conference 2018

Gary Allenby, Chief Scientific Officer, Aurelia Bioscience gave a very exciting talk on ‘Drug Discovery in 3-Dimensions: A novel micro- scaffold- based approach for screening purposes- advantages and pitfalls’ at the SMI Drug Discovery Conference in London...
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FAQs about bioassay development for early drug discovery.

Bioassays are an essential tool for early drug discovery. By helping to identify ‘hit’ compounds that effectively act on a biological target involved in a disease pathway, bioassays underpin key decisions about compound progression. Without a well optimised bioassay, fewer ‘hits’ would be translated into new drugs that could improve patients’ lives.
In previous blogs, we have offered a range of practical advice on bioassay design and development to facilitate reliable data-driven decisions during early drug discovery. Following these key principles and guidelines is a crucial step towards developing successful bioassays, but even then, you are still likely to encounter some obstacles. Below we take a look at some of the most common challenges you might face and offer advice on how to overcome them.

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Validating bioassays for drug discovery research

Bioassays are an essential tool for early drug discovery. They allow researchers to identify the few promising compounds that have the potential to become precursors of new medicines. In previous blogs, we’ve explored the key principles of bioassay design and practicalities of bioassay construction. Here we look at how you can carry out bioassay validation to confirm that your bioassay is fit-for-purpose.

Read on to find out more about the key guidelines and statistical rules you should follow to ensure your bioassays are reproducible and consistent. These will help you make data-driven decisions about the compounds that could make or break the success of your drug discovery research

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How to build successful bioassays for early drug discovery

Discovering a new medicine that improves a patient’s quality of life can be one of the most exciting aspects of drug discovery. Bioassays are fundamental in early drug discovery, as they provide essential evidence about the activity and/or potency of a compound against a biological target involved in the disease pathway.
In our previous blog, we offered some key tips on how best to approach bioassay design. Here we provide you with the key components for building the best bioassay for your needs. So, as you search for the next breakthrough drug, following these practical guidelines could help ensure you are at the top of the game.

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Could these insights into bioassay design enrich your drug discovery programme?

Drug discovery is the search for the next breakthrough medicine that will ultimately improve a patient’s quality of life. Early drug discovery in particular, is an exciting but complex journey, requiring thousands or even millions of compounds to be screened in the hope of finding that needle in a haystack.
But, to have any chance of finding this all-important medicine, the bioassays you use to assess the activity or potency of your compounds needs to be designed with care. Below we share some of the key principles of bioassay design that can help you construct the best bioassay for your needs.

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How to develop bioassays that enhance your early drug discovery research

As innovations in drug discovery continue to abound, there’s never been a more crucial time to ensure your research stays at the cutting-edge, so that it makes the maximum impact. This means using state-of-the-art bioassays to effectively and reliably move a candidate compound or biologic through the multiple stages of early drug discovery, leaving little doubt that your decisions are based on the highest quality data possible. Download our free eBook.

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Protein-Protein interaction assay

Gary Allenby presented a poster at #ELRIGDD17 on work carried out by Aurelia Bioscience to develop bioassays for modulating protein-protein interactions in living...
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