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How to develop effective in vitro assays for early drug discovery

This is an exciting time for drug discovery, with innovations continuing to open new opportunities for groundbreaking research and its translation into effective new medicines. There has therefore never been a more important time to ensure your biological assays meet the required standards of these emerging research approaches.

Our free eBook offers you a comprehensive guide to designing and developing reproducible, consistent, and fit-for-purpose assays to drive forward your drug discovery research. By downloading the eBook, you will get our practical and technical recommendations for excellent assay design and development, as well as our predictions about emerging trends and technologies driving success and innovation in the field.

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The eBook includes six main chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The importance of bioassays in early drug discovery
  • Chapter 2: Key principles of assay design for project success
  • Chapter 3: A practical guide to building a successful assay
  • Chapter 4: Is your assay fit-for-purpose?
  • Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Chapter 6: Looking ahead: Future trends in drug screening technologies

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