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With over 20 years of screening experience we are adept at designing screening assays and screening 100,000 to 1 million compounds in 384 well and 1536 well plates.

We have screened up to one million compounds in both cell and biochemical assays using a number of read outs including FLIPR, FMAT, FI, FRET, chemiluminescence, luminescence and label-free formats.

We have extensive experience of cell-based assays in HTS where we have used either cell lines expressing the target in a recombinant manner, Bacmam transient expression and cryopreserved cells.

For human primary cell screening we have used either cryopreserved or freshly isolated cells such as PBMC’s and neutrophils. We understand the importance of delivering robust, reproducible assays with excellent quality control statistics for use in high throughput screening.

We use our experience to assist your drug discovery projects in a number of ways:

Screening densities will be utilised which are consistent with the assay format and the number of compounds to be screened.


We have recently added an Envision 2100 with stacker unit to our laboratory, with the support of an ERDF grant. The Envision with stacker is capable of performing multiple assay types in a high throughput 384 well plate format. This facilitates automated analysis of a wider range of screen types.

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